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Hi everyone,

I feel like a 10 year old kid on this board, always asking questions.

BUT WHY??? should be my quote of the day.

I guess you get what you pay for.  Since I only paid $2000 canadian for this machine 2900mi. I should expect some problems.  this one is the latest.

Every once in a while all the lights will become very dim, but they do not go out completely, sometimes it happens after 5 min of riding, and over the weekend I put 200+ miles on the machine and it didn't start until about 2 miles from home.  The lights will usually go back to full brightness after a couple of seconds, and then go dim again.  If I shut the machine down and start it again the lights will be bright again.

It's not a big deal in daylight and I don't even notice it, but as you can imagine, at night its a bit scarry on the trails when your light go dim and you cant see 10 feet in front of you.  The head light brightness is about the same as it would be just as the machine is about to stall at very low rpm but it will be running at over 5000 rpm.

Thanks for your help!

the "BUT WHY?" guy!
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