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95 xcr 440

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My Dad is thinking of buying a 95 xcr 440 with 1627miles on it.  What would be a good price for one considering it's in mint condition.  And also how does it compare with a 97 zr440?

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I owned a 95 xcr 440 it was pretty fast and a reliable sled but nothing compared to the speed of the zr440.. I have a 600 xc and I was beat buy a zr440 it was pretty embarrasing!!
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Dont worry about what he said he must not of had it to the wood. Because I have a 1996 xcr440 and my friend has the 1995 xcr 440 and it is close race but I take him just bearly and I have beat zr 440's.
A good price for a 95 XCR 440 in Vermont? If I had to guess, say $1300 to $1800 tops. New list in 1995 was $5899. Good luck.
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