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What colour are the plugs?
Does it smoke?
Is it abnormally oily?
Have you checked to make sure both plugs are getting spark?
Stock gap is .016-.018

Start simple.
Check to make sure you have good spark first and foremost.

I just went through something similiar to you, except for me i was initially just losing my top rpm's... cleaned the rave's, clutches (thats what seems to be the first thing everyone suggests without even looking at it... damn mechanics), pulled all the fuel lines checking for blockages etc. etc. etc.

I had spark at idle. And up to about 6000rpm. Coil didn't have enough juice after that and would only fire one cylinder. No one noticed it riding, it was odd, it still felt smooth, it just died off, everyone thought it was a carb issue. It's why my sled would only run with a .030 gap as well. I didn't notice until the coil went completely and the sled would no longer start, it would run for a few minutes, then stall itself out then not start again and flood. I haven't taken it out yet to test it with the new coil but it seems to make perfect sense and im very optimistic that i'll have a fast sled again.

With the plugs out and wires still attached check for spark... put your tongue on the tip of the sparkplug while someone pulls.. .. haha no dont, use a rubber ended hammer or something to hold the side of the plug against either the head bolts or the threads for the plugs while someone pulls(painted head = no electrical contact... damn ski doo)
Check both plugs, i didnt notice mine until the coil got significantly worst but its always a good idea to check. A new coil is only 36.99 through royal distributing... 158.99 through the bombardier dealership :lol:
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