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96 storm clutch

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I am just reassembling a p85 clutch from a 1996 srorm 800. I was just wondering if I need to use loctite on the spider and the jam nut. The manual that I saw online did not mention loctite , but it seems that some people use it for reinstalling the spider. It was a beast to take it apart.
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Red for sure or even Green.
Thanks, I just wasn't sure because the polaris repair manual didn't mention it
Last I knew Polaris sent them out with blue loctite. Usually requires some heat upon disassembly of the jam nut.
It doesnt need loc-tite. Just torque to spec and its not going to go anywhere. WL
The spider no, but Polaris uses blue loctite for those primary clutch jam nuts. They will require some heat when trying to remove the jam nut for future disassembly.
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