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97/98 polaris 700 twin

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I was told by a guy that the 97/98 fuji 700 twin had a weakness in the crank bearings and should have the bottom end rebuilt around 3000 miles. Is this an accurate statement?
He said they were beefed up in the 99's
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I would like to know the answer to that question too because Ihave more then 3000miles on my 98 700 with no problems yet to speak of.
5000 miles on mine with no problems and I never heard of anyone having a lower end problem with this motor. I've been told it is pretty bulllit proof.
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The 700 twin (any of the newer Polaris twins) is not a Fuji motor. I know of quite a few (including mine) that have well over 5000 miles without ever being touched.

First, the only Fuji engines anymore are the 500 twin (indy 500 and classic, not xc), the XCR 800 tripple, and the 550 fan(I think).  Small point but it amost insulting, except for the XCR engine.

Now to the reliablity.  I haven't heard anyone with any serious problems with any of the domestic twins bearings or otherwise.
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