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Does anybody know what the compression should be on this motor,engagment, and anything else you can tell me about this factory racer. Going Sat. to look at it. Just trying to get some insight before I get there. I was looking for a good ditch Banger and thought this would be a good choice.
Thanks 800ski

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Super good ditch banger for that year....

w/low comp rv head [125 lbs]
w/hi comp rv head [165 lbs]

Engage @ 5300 or higher.

Ask if it has a roller secondary.

Regardless if it has button or roller...ask the person to take apart the secondary and have a look at the rollers or buttons.

The buttons should be black or brown with a green dot.....[sno-pro buttons]

Check inside belly pan and look for bulkhead cracks. You will see them on the lowest part of the cut on the plate underneath the primary clutch and between the exh can and side plate.
...they can be welded no problem if there.

check the skid frame...the rails around the rear swing arm bump stop. check for cracks there.

Loosen all the suspension bolts on the tunnel and look to see if the mount holes...the aluminum holes are oblonged....if so, the guy really bottomed out the sled.....LOTS!!!!
ESPECIALLY CHECK THE REAR SWING ARM MOUNT....the plate that is riveted on the bulkhead.

Check where you rest your feet. Look under at the actual tunnel and see if it is kinked...look thru the holes where you put your feet...use a flashlight and check for then have bent trailing arm posts.....Big Dose To Fix...

Remove the swing arm allen head screw and pull off the swing arm....pull back the rubber grommet and check the belly pan for an oblong hole...check the pin to see if it is bent.
Look at the rubber in the trail it crushed on one side? = Bent trail arm post....

Good luck
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