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Hello everyone.

I purchased a 97 VMAX XT and am installing a starter kit for my wife to start the snowmobile when I'm not around. I got what I thought the hard part would be done and that was physically installing the starter and running the wires. Well, that was time consuming but was rather simple.

Now, I'm trying to hook up the starter relay to the key switch. The starter relay switch was square and the side that connects to the ignition key is round. Now, before I go too far, the kit I received had 2 ignition cables that were exactly the same. The round side (ignition key side) doesn't seem to have a match anywhere around. When I looked at a 99 VMAX XT, I saw where the connector was but I can't find it on mine. When I look by the vents where the pull cord is, I see another square connector. It appears the the wires run back into the ignition but I can't tell for sure. Does anyone else have a 97 vmax XT or XTC that could tell me where the round ignition connector is, or know if I was given two wrong connector wires?

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