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98 fiii 600

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Hey guys, I have a 98 FIII600.  We've been out on the lake playing around and occasionally when I would pin it from a dead stop the RPM would only tack up to about 6500, and there is no power.  You let off the gas then hit it again and boom it comes back up to 8500.  This has happened to me twice now and its alway's when I'm starting from a dead stop draggin someone.  We pulled the carbs and then look extremely clean?  Stock Jets, Minnesota, 25degF.  Plugs look normal.  Any idea's?
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Throw in some new plugs.  My machZ did this once, it wasn't really noticable until I pinned the throttle.  I guess the plug was partialy firing.  I Put in new ones and it fixed it.
I would check your raves also, make sure they are clean and working properly.
Make sure carbs are synced, rave valves clean and make sure its a good belt, should be about 1/8 above in the secondary clutch, that will make it bog if its dropped down in there.
How long has it been since your clutches got any attention? Something binding maybe?
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