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98 fz 583

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when the motor is warmed up, it fouls the left cylinder. It only does it when its idling.I also have to pull it over about 10 times to get it started, and hold it to the bar. (when motor is already warm). Starts great when its a cold start  

  1. air mixture setting off?
  2. pilot jet plugged?
  3.  carb just needs to be cleaned  ?
Any helpful suggestions would be nice.
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my brother inlaws form 111 600 did that when it sat idleing!
id also take the carbs out and clean them it wont hurt. dont let it idle to long!
It sounds to me like a dirty pilot jet.
Also try checking the spark plug cap resistor. Should be 5k, I think, but it will be on the cap. Just take the spark plug cap off the plug, hold the plug wire and unscrew the cap. Polaris are famous for burning out the resistors in the cap. I've had it happen to some of my Ski-Doo's as well. Now I carry a couple with me. Sounds as though you have a weak spark on that side. You can also switch secondary and primary coil wires to see if the problem changes sides to test the coil.
If it was an ignition problem (cap,wires, etc.) it wouldn't cold start well either.   I would bet the the enricher (choke) for the left carb is stuck partially in.  I had a sled once that did this exact thing.
Rotary valved engines cannot run enrichers due to the engine pulses generated by the valve. That's why they had primers instead. But good point Mighty Mach to check the check valves in the primer. They have been known to leak fuel thru, into the carb, creating a hard start situation.
I also have a 98 form dlx 583. The left also has fouled on me, I also think it's form ideling.....and slow riding.  Mine is also a pig to start when it's warm (thanks for elec. start  

Does anyone know if they make HD rear springs for this model, as when I ride 2up it's a LITTLE soft.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Canuck...I bought springs for my SC-10 that are rated all the way up to 430lbs.
Here are a few things to check. You could have to much fuel going to the left cly.
Your needle and seat is not sealing or you float level is to high. A plugged pilot jet would give you no fuel. The spark plug cap is a possible problem switch them side to side to see if the problem follows it.
Mine is not doing it constantly but have happend fairly close together.  

Also with a new belt were should those TRA (i think) nuts be on the clutch??

Rocketman How much were the HD srping and do you still have the part number??

A nother quick question, on both input fule lines on the carbs there are little tiny basket filters that are there, should they still be there, or were they just intended as breaking filters?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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