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98 Mach 1 Carb, Engine Rebuilding Specs

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Had the sled for less than a week and I took out a connecting rod bearing (pto side). I've ripped the motor pretty much apart, and once I get the new parts I need to know the head, cylinder and the crankcase bolt tourque and tightening sequence for each. If anyone has any tips from when they rebuilt thier motor or anything else I should look into while everything is apart it would be much appeciated. I think I will probably end up getting a reman crank with all the new bearings and con-rods already on it, and then might as well put a new set of pistons/rings in at the same time. Price depending. (motor has 5000 km, or 3000 miles) If anybody knows of any good places to mail order a new crank on Canada let me know.
The factory spec settings for the carb would be great as well.
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