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My father is looking into the 99 or 00 Venture XL 500 fan(not sure on year)

He might be able to get a good deal,on a Venture with only 1300kms

Are there any problems with the newer Vmax chassis based Phazer/Ventures 485 fan engines?I know the older based 485s were bullit proof

I rode the 2000 Venture 500 LC and 700 ,so I know they are great sleds for 2up riding and 1up riding

He would only puts 500-800kms a year on a sled

He does not like to go over 100kmph so The fan 485 should be suffice.

He said he had my STX going over 120kmph but found it too fast LOL,I told him I had it over 160kmph on speedo and he said I was crazy

It would be nice to be able to go riding with him,cause right now he uses my sled when I am not in town

Like to hear from Phazer500 and Venture XL owners

Thanx in Advance

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