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So I've done the "hot grip" type warmers many times but this one is different. These are the OEM parts for the 99 RMK as well as many others of that era. What we have is a flat flexible warming element with a peel-away sticky back. So I figure peel off the backing and just wrap the warmer around the bar, route the wiring and plug in. Got that part, I hope.

Then we have a basic flexible rubber grip, again OEM. I ordered "NEW" Polaris grips (verified on the receipt) but decided to send me USED instead without even asking. (And yes they do sell new OEM parts as well as used, they sent me a brand new grip warmer but a used grip.)

** BEGIN RANT (BTW, absolutely sucks, I can't count how many times these idiots have sent me the wrong part. They list their parts by OEM number but very often the part is wrong. Then after waiting for their 10-day shipping and finding the wrong part, you only get the part price refunded when it was THEIR error, the original shipping and handling is not refunded despite it being totally their fault. Plus they massively overcharge on shipping, thus they make a profit every time they send you the wrong part. They have taken so much extra money from me in extra shipping and handling charges I don't even know where to start. I would rather take a chance on ebay any time rather than deal with those reprehensible thieves. I have photos and documents to back this up but I'd rather not start a separate thread, it's just not worth it. I will still shop there if I absolutely have to, completely last resort, but buyer beware, they are awful. I can document at least 6 incidences of them screwing me over in the last year with either the wrong part or an unusable part that was described as condition:good, so don't make me start.) END RANT **

This is the same type of grip that's on the right hand side (I'm just doing the left) but I can't see how to get it on (or how they got the used ones off either...I thought they had to be cut off). Is this a job for the heat gun or what? It does look like I could shove the grip into place but then what secures it? Will a used grip even stay on? The right one is extremely tightly molded on there, I don't see how it could ever be removed in one piece, let alone reused. That's why I specified NEW. (grumble)

So how do I get the rubber grip on there and make it stay on. Epoxy? Heat gun? I don't know where to start.
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