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99 zrt800 reverse install

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Hi everybody,
I picked up a 99 ZRT800 the other day, and I have the reverse kit to install.  Are there any special tricks to a good install?  Anything to be careful of?

Also, the dealer had to order the reverse lever kit and I don't have it yet.  Will I be able to install everything except the lever and still be able to ride the sled?

Scott Nadeau
Concord, NH
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hello, i have and am still trying to install a reverse on a 99 zl600 efi .. cant be much different .. OMG what a pain in the tail I need help too! cant get the chains on for the life of me!! and this sled lol. Scott.. take your time carefully and slowly read the manufactures directions. (well written for an arctic cat tech but tuff for an enduser) and when you get to putting the chain on let me know how that works? anyone can help adivise? please do and yes you can ride it without the handle just make sure your in forward :bash:

Im not sure how you went about it but you have to have to install both sprockets and the chain as one unit. You cannot get the chain on over the sprockets after you already have the sprockets installed. So take the sprockets back off. wrap the chain around them as it should be then slide the 2 sprockets and chain on as 1 unit.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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