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I have a situation and could use educated feedback please.

I am dealing with an Arctic Cat Long Track Conversion Kit. The instructions for the kit tell you to put EVERYTHING in the EXACT Same Locations that they came from.
When you are done the suspension will be very much like a 121" suspension with extensions put on, only this way you get the strength of the rails being one piece.
Last year I used AD Boivin's ETS Kit.
Learned alot about suspension adjustments.
One of the adjustments that AD Boivin has you do is:
Move the rear swingarm assembly to rail mounting position one hole towards the idler wheels, and move the rear to front coupling bar (in front of the rear arm on the rail) back one hole as well.
The ETS kit is no longer installed.
The 2001 ZR 800 also came from the factory like this.
It is the adjustment that helps controll ski lift and somewhat help controll kickback.
During my first ride since putting the 136" in, I had to overcome some mild obsticals.
A couple that ended up with Little jumps.
The upper swingarm broke off, bent the tunnel, spit out the spring adjuster, bent the shock rods, and blistered the middle of the track a bit.
Thanks to Universal Repair, I was able to get another of everything broken and fix it this morning.
This time returning the rear swingarm forward to stock position.
I rode 54 more miles, this time intentionally doing jumps on approaches with no breakages.
My Theory Is That The Breakage Was Due To The Extra Pressure Of The Extension Combined With The Setback Of The Rear Arm And Recommend That This NOT Be Tried.
Anyone else have any ideas, theories, or opinions?
(I am not an engineer, I only know what I tried)
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