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Ac 440 panther vs polaris 340 lite gt

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Anybody have firsthand experience and objective thoughts comparing these two machines? Obviously we're not talking racing here. Rather, I am interested in how the two machines stack up comparing power, ability to pull, fuel economy, reliability, etc. I am quite familiar with the GT Lite and also the larger liquid cooled 550 Panther but don't know much about the 440 AC fan and how it performs. I am considering it as a future purchase if AC doesn't drop its midsize fans as Polaris has already done. Thanks.
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The 440 is more then sufficient for two riders. I think you would be better off with a 550. I have never had a 340 polaris but I have had a 340 Cat and I dont know if I would compare it to a 340 in power and ability. A 440 is a nice machine. You might want to consider a 570 if you are talking about the new panthers.
I've got both a 550 Panther and a 340 GT Lite so I know what they are and can do. What I'd like for future consideration is something in between. The 550 has good power but is too heavy to make a good utility sled-pulling machine in deep soft snow. I am also a bit concerned with the Panther's pulling ability as my 550 does not move from a dead stop very easily - the belt is more inclined to slip than the track is. The weight of the GT Lite is nice and it has decent pulling ability but a bit more power wouold be good for the bigger loads.

Several years ago Polaris made a 440 long track fan that had a good balance of power for weight (Sport GT which was dropped but later reintroduced as the Transport). Polaris no longer makes general purpose 440 fans. They also dropped their 488 fans engines which is why I now own an Arctic Cat.
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