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Adjusting oil pump

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seems like most synthetic oils require an adjustment on the oil pump. does anyone know exactly how to turn it down for less oil consumtion? thanks.
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Your oil pump is underneath your carbs.  Depending on your sled, the adjustment is right on the cable.  Just loosen the nut, letting the tension loose a bit.  Hold the throttle at the point where your slides would begin to open, and adjust the nut on the oil cable so that the lines on the arms line up.  You may need a mirror.  Hope this helps.
robert gleason: If I were you leave the oil where it is and try it before you change it. Bearings and cranks are very expensive. I have used synthetic oil for years and did not have to change anything, rule of thumb one litre of oil per tank. Dino
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Dino, i think what happens sometimes is that because the syn flows better you actually doo have to lean the pump to get back to the quart per tank. If somebody can verify this that would be cool, but in using amsoil this appeared to be the case with me. Its hard to see how the marks line up on my sled but I know i`ve leaned it and right now I`m  back to actually using about .8 of a quart per tank wheras  in was going through alot more before.
ballsout1: I used a crude method when I went to Silkolene in 92, I put doo oil and the Silkolene in the deep freeze for several hours and compared how they poured when cold. I used Amsoil for one year and found it to be very thin and when I took my engine apart in the spring to check for wear everything was bone dry, now with the oil I now use all the parts are sticky with oil and with close to 10000 miles on my triple and zero bearing problems I,m sold. But back to the Question from R G try it first before you lean it down, shoot for a 40-1  ratio.Dino.
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Nothing beats checking, checking and rechecking, its the only way to go. Theres so much that can go wrong with something mechanical you have to priodicaly monitor how much oil you go through. much much pleasure..  I had a doo pump go bad, sticking part open at idle, was going through  a quart every 50 miles, and I`ve switched to syns and oil consumption went up, at any rate that quart a tank is probably a good mark to shoot for. I havent heard of or seen people using silkolene around hear maybe I`ll try it if I can get some locally.
I agree with Dino, just pour the synthetic in and use it. If you have a problem with too much oil use after you try it, THEN turn it down. But, stay at a quart per tank of gas. If your using a quart per tank of gas and your plugs are fouling, then you need a jetting change, not an oil pump change. For example, I experimented last summer with Klotz in my weed whip. It ran rich and had a totally black plug. I put in a 25:1 ratio of Klotz to gas and it smoked pretty bad. I then leaned it out to a good dark brown plug (same black plug) and it actually cleaned all the fouling off of the plug, stopped smoking and ran great! Being jetted properly is the #1 issue, oil use is second for smoking and fouling plugs. Even at 25:1 ( a very high amount of oil in the gas) the Klotz cleaned the old black plug and it looked brand new. That is what sold me on the Klotz. Good Luck.
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