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Hi, I have not been active on the forum for a while but am an old member.
I am looking for a new sled and am used to a light and freakish MXZ700 that used to have no problem on a lake beating or keeping up with RX-1's.
Now i'm older now and not really able to ride like I used to due to autoimmune arthritic condition which is hard on my joints and muscles and tendons. I really don't want to give up the ridiculous power band of my 700 but yet I can't physically ride like I did ( throwing the sled around corners like it was part of me). So I ride about 250 miles per day when I go for a week at a time on really nice groomed trails in Maine and want a long lasting reliable low maintenance sled that has real balls and yet comfort that I can still corner by throwing my weight and spinning the track.
So, I am looking at either the MXZ TNT 1200 or the TNT 850 etec. Any advice from the riders of the 1200 or 800 would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
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