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Hi all. I'm drew and new here. Can't seem to post in other areas of the forum.

Need recommendations on how you ride with kids that sleep on snowmobiles. (Harnesses, add on seats, moveable vs. Fixed backrest etc)*

I want to buy a two up sled for next year.

Using the harness we got with our 2018 arctic car zr3000 helps....but not good enough. My daughter falls asleep and leans to the side. You can only make the harness so tight cause otherwise her helmet is jammed into your back making it uncomfortable for her.*

Harness works pretty good while she's awake.*

We do about a 30 mile ride out to lunch then a 30 mile ride home. Its the ride home she goes into a deep sleep coma on. She loves to go though so I want to make it a regular thing next winter.*

When she falls asleep in the harness she slinks to the side and her head wants to bounce around which I don't feel comfortable with.*

So last week we swapped sleds and put her on the back on a 2002 pantera two up. She liked that more. She was more comfortable and alert... until she bounced out on a trail bump when she started getting sleepy.*

So then we slid the adjustable seat backrest forward so that she was sandwiched behind me and the seatback and that worked perfect.

She loved that and we all were able to ride 30 miles home like it was perfectly dialed in. She got sleepy in this set up but she was so stable it was easier and safer.*

So we want to sell one of our zr3000 sleds and get a used two up now.*

I've got my heart set on a 2010 ski doo 600 etec grand touring....but it doesn't look like it has an adjustable back rest that a can pull her tight up against my back with.... so I don't think this will be ideal. Would rather not get a 20 year old sled where it looks like the adjustable backrests were more common.*

I've never tried the add a seat adapters for the one person sleds, (I want to get rid of one of our zr3000s anyway)

What are your thoughts and experiences.
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