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Aerocharger Turbo

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[attachment=34224:222f_1.jpg][attachment=34225:abc3_1.jpg]I am planning on putting an Aerocharger and turbo kit from First Choice Turbo Sales on my XLT. The kit looks much like this one.
Does anybody have experience with this system. I'm looking for information about clutch weights in the primary, even changes to the springs.
When I got the turbo they included main jets, needles, even the slides. However it came off a sled that had already been sold so no documentation was included. Now I am wondering what modifications are needed to the carbs. The airbox has three hoses for extra fuel to each carb, that must be drilled into carburator?? There are two pressure hoses that must be conected to each carb, one on top, and one that looks to be into the side of the carb.

Has anybody seen a system like this, that could give me some pointers?

Thanks a bunch


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