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After market air breathers

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So do any of you guys have either a BM scavenger airbox or D&D powerbreather.  What do you think of it.  I am trying to decide if it would make a difference on my 00 ZR 500 carb and which would be better or if there is much difference between them.
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HP, are those the K&N filters?
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HP, thanks for the info.  Would you say they are a "little" louder or more than that...can't be louder than the motor, can they?

Grn800, I don't think you would need the wrap unless you're in deep powder all the time.  I'm like HP, the filters probably do a better job of filtering than the stock material.
HP, I guess you lost the factory tooltray on top of the airbox???  That would not be good.  LEt me know.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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