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Took along time but I found some excellent results that I could see on the speedo and I could feel with the Heel Clickers.
I went from the setup to more weight in the middle and more in the tip to smaller gears and bigger gears finally getting close with:
-Stock primary spring(160-230) w/4500 rpm engagement       (some where between 4-5 grams in the heel)
- 15.6 in the middle hole
-and i think 6 grams in the tip.
48-42 helix set around 15 lbs with white spring
This only got around 105 on speedo with stock .92 track and 192 mega-bite-woodys 1.075.
I just knew something was holding me back and started to ponder pulling out studs to get rid of weight but thought that just wasn't going to be enough. What really made me mad was when I was cruising around 50 mph or so on ice I would hit the gas and my sled would just spin with no hook up at all. I figured the H-C just put to much power to the track.
I pulled the grass track out and put 240 1" sabre shovel point stingers in it(those things rock, no hook up problems know).
Instantly gained 14-15 mph on the speedo.(honestly) I pulled 119-120 on the speedo. NOW I know the speedo probably isn't right, but the speedo doesn't lie in terms of MPH gain  What I mean is I had to gain that much within 1-2 mph because it did show significant gains in speed.
I know this was a drastic change and most poeple won't do that to gain more but it worked for me
That track most push alot of air and the sled can't push it fast enough.
Just my findings and thought I would share them
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