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As some may know there has been a trail pass fee of $35 for atv's and bikes. So far nothing about sleds,but have seen polls on what you would do if there was one on sleds. Sounds to me it's coming. Wouldn't be to bad if the trails were taken care better.
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Ya I agree that if the trails are better. But is there something for me and my wife? What if I only get up there once over the winter. Now I am paying my registration plus the insurance on the two sleds plus know another $70 for one weekend. They wonder why some dont register!! If I was up there with you, it wouldnt be a big deal!!
so far no news of a permit,but forest service is saying some trails may be closed due to blow down in some areas. not sure which areas yet. also there may not be a legal way into kane pa. to get gas off of trail no.1 still working on that. new land owner.
I know this is an old thread, but will you have to buy a pass now for the 06-07 season? (that's assuming it snows)
no not at this time. from what i was told forestry is doing the drooming their self this year. hope it's better.
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