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Any Legal Trails Near Johnstown Pa

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I am looking for legal places to ride near Johnstown PA. All responses appreciated.
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not really sure, but look under
I'm not sure how far your willing to drive but I was up at Black Mashanon the other weekend and it was pretty nice up there. I'm not sure but i think it's about an hour and a half away from you.
Not to highjack the thread but...

TUNEDBYEAR: how's the snow down by you?
6 Month's to late but for next year you can run Laurel Ridge out on route 30 in Jenners or down on route 31 past Somerset. We ran this all season. We usually ran from Wallat's bar on route 30 down to Seven Springs and in between. Unfortunatly, the trails north of the turnpike are not groomed very well but south of the turnpike the usually do a wonderful job!

We have a camp up in Black Moshannon state park by SB Elliot state park. Great run's up there. My father and I put on close to 200 miles one day. You can go as far as your tank will take you and not touch the same trail or road twice. Heck, we started out 8 miles south of Elliot and ran almost to Elk County.

Something to keep in mind for next year :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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