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Any Snowmobiling Funeral Directors Out There?

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Just checking to see how many funeral directors snowmobile.
Settle-Wilder Funeral Home
New Smyrna Beach, FL
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hows the snow in florida lately??? :D[/b]
not as much as in texas :lmao:
I see I'm surrounded my comedians. Oh yea!

I see I'm surrounded my comedians. Oh yea!

i even know a few funeral director jokes w00t
i even know a few funeral director jokes w00t[/b]
I know some car salesman jokes too...

To answer your question 72h2kaw, I think you may be the only one.

BTW, welcome to the site and maybe we will hook up on the trails sometime and ride!

Thanks. I enjoy all the stories and cannot wait to get back in the snow (hopefully) late March or early April for one more ride.
I had a female welding student a few semesters ago that was studying to be a mortician, she came from a family that rode a lot. They were from the Irons, MI area.
Does that count?
No snow in Tampa right now. LOL

I see I'm surrounded my comedians. Oh yea!

Well us sledders do have to have a sense of humor at time ,like when where waiting for snow :bash:

UMM btw for future referance do you carry sled shaped caskets for us mental sledheads :blush: .
I told the wife when I go .. just yank the motor and stuff me in w00t

Hi Richard and welcome to the site :)

Vman it is funny you mention the welding student that wanted to be a mortician...sounds like

Snomutt your sled shaped casket is a definite possibility,,,Check out this link at

Crazy coffins

We don't carry a snowmobile casket but, it would be easy to use a casket as a tow behind sled, right? We do offer Harley Davidson caskets though.

i know one here that does,
Nah.....Just cremate me and throw me in with some snowdust.

I realize death is a part of life, but this is all creepy... :unsure:

You box'em up and I take it from there........The grave digger :undercover:
This thread is giving me the willies. :eek:hmy: I just don't think about the dying part much. Just want to LIVE. I'll worry about dying after I'm dead and gone :lmao:
Personally I like coffins..I have a coffin shaped backpack and a coffin purse.
I always said throw me in a Bombi crate and dump a jug of Amsoil on and set it on fire :) Welcome to the forum Richard :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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