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Any Worries? Which One? Looking To Get Newer Sled.

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Hey all,

I've been recently thinking of selling my Fan and upgrading to some type of F series, probably a 2004, mostly due to being able to go to an aftermarket place and get parts for them.

I'm wondering if there are any models I should stay away from due to problems with them? I think I want to try the EFI, so whatever size it might be, will probably have this.

I once briefly rode my buddies 03 F5 around his yard for about 5 min and I don't have any real feel of its trail manners. His was carbed, so I don't know if that is real similar to EFI or not in terms of responsiveness.

We do mostly trail and ditch riding, with the occasional zip across a lake. most of the guys I run with have 600's, so originally I was thinking an F6, but I'd like some thoughts on that. Is one motor more of a pig than others when it comes to gas and oil? If I remember right, my buddies F5 drank oil like crazy.

Any thoughts on the matter? I'm open to suggestions or things to look out for.

Thanks for any help!
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the 03's will ride the same as the 04's-up as long as you throw the 4 wheel kit on them. other than that, the ride on each of them will be the same. If you like getting into off trail stuff, maybe an ext is in your future. buddy of mine has an 05 ext and he loves it. I have thought of extending my 03 this summer.
You couldn't get a 500 efi for atleast the first two years can't remember if they made them in 05 or 06 at all either. The 600 and 700 are going to be a little more oil and gas efficient. I've had both a 600 and 700 and even though I wouldn't give up my 700 for the mtns I ran the F6 I had setup for the wife around home and it had more then enough power and I think thats what I would get if I didn't go out west for the cheaper purchase price and insurance with not much less HP.
go either 6 or 7
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