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I'm living in Buford GA about 40 miles NE of Atlanta. I would really love to drive a snowmobile which I've never done and if it's possible would like to find a place to do it in the south east so maybe I can do it again in the future. So far I haven't been able to find any rental places here yet. NC seems like the most likely possibility but so far the closest I've found to rent is in Snowshoe WV. Does anyone know if there are rental places in the SE like around Boone, NC or somewhere like that? Or if not if anyone would work with me with personal machines I'd be glad to pay, or if they don't want to accept money because of legal issues I'd be glad to supply gas and some nice dinners out for a few people, and help with firewood or anything like that if trading could work.

Thank you for any help or suggestions!
David Harrison

[email protected]
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