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Are any of you going to the radar run in Detroit Lakes, MN this Sunday?  It will be at the same place as the one earlier this year, but the ice and parking will hopefully be a little better this time!
  If anyone is planing on going, let me know and we can meet up or something....
The race in Nevis MN wasn't too bad that was this last Sarurday.  They screwed up on posting speeds allot, but it was still nice to get out.  I am up to a whopping 12 miles this year already.  The miles are just rolling over!haha  For those interested, I took third in my class(stock traction 501-600cc).  Not to bad I guess considering it was the first time shes has been out since last season.  My fastest was just under 98mph with the fastest guy running just under 101mph.  The speeds were pretty slow that day.  Seemed like allot of people were running pretty fat too, myself included.
Anyway, hope to bump into some of you this weekend in DL for those of you brave enough to try the ice.hehe
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