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Arctic cat rotary snowmobile

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Hopefully I can get a quick answer on this one, as the auction ends in a couple of hours.  I have stumbled on an old Arctic Cat Panther 303 Rotary engine snowmobile.  It is REAL cheap at the moment and supposedly runs.  Were these sleds reliable, or should I just let it go?  If I do get it, then I want to be able to drag this thing up to YNP with me in February to use in the park instead of shelling out a C note per day for rental.  Anybody know anything about these?  Sounds interesting anyway.  Thanx in advance.
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Rotarys were cool sleds,had a sound all their own.but bear in mind parts are getting harder to find and I probably wouln't take it to far without a thourogh going-over of everything but if nothing else you could be the only one on the block with one
I use to ride on a 73 arctic cat panther 303 ,still have it . it was nice for when I was learning to ride nice and slow , 45mph wide open and it never started when it was warm (1hr riding) but in the summer in 90 degree 98% humidity it would start go figure? Maby it was just mine, any way beside that crap it was a pretty cool sled souned like a old Bi plane. Also for some reason it would back fire pretty bad when run full tilt.  To make it short and sweet I would buy it just to say you owned one.
Well, it's been several days since the auction ended.  I emailed the seller privately to see what they would take as the reserve was never met, and never got a response back.  I guess that the Rotary sled will not be going to me.  :(

Oh well.  I still gotta get busy and get that John Deere freed up anyway.
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