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Well the best asphalt draw in the Northeast just held its 2nd quick 8 event and here are some #''s to share with you guys or gals that think you may be fast. These are the qualifying #''s for the event. This is 1/8 mile drag racing with a .400 pro tree.

#1 Arctic Cat D&D power cc 1
5.62 @ 123.99
#2 Arctic Cat Unknown power cc 1
5.712 @ 121.92
#3 Polaris Price Perf.power 1000p/s 5.833 @ 115.37
#4 Arcic Cat D&D power 1000p/s 5.838 @ 117.81
#5 Polaris HTG power cc 1
5.870 @ 119.76
#6 Arctic Cat Hooper power 1000p/s [email protected]
#7 Polaris Price Perf.power 1000p/s 5.878 @ 118.76
#8 Polaris PSI power 1500cc 5.94 @ 123.39

5.9''s and 6.0s did not qualify. With NASRA''s doors closed. Come to Oxford if your in the Northeast. These are just sleds from our track, not one from out of state. I will post the details on the next event. And if you are a bracket racer, we have those too. Note the #5 qualifier was piloted by one of our fastest girls at the track. 4 Polaris and 4 Cats, someone must have a fast Yammi or Doo!!!

This has to be the fastest quick 8 group around,(including the 5.9's & many 6.0's that didn''t even make the field)...This same group will be at New England Dragway for a Quick 8 program in a few weeks...Might be worth the trip?
for some well known racers....?

the race at new england dragway is on july 13 saturday ,it is going to be in with the night of thrills show ,jet cars, pro mods ,quick 8 top bike ,quick 8 sleds, top 8 sleds qualify,must be under 9.99 to qualify
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