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i bought a 95 indy 500 this year it has 2700 miles. heres my problem i weigh around 200 pounds when i sit down my suspension sinks about 3 inches, but when i try to bump it i get nothing maybe a half inch. im wondering a few things.  can this be ajusted i dont know if the seller made any ajustments himself. the 2 im really thinking about is either replacing the shocks all around including front with ryde fx for around 400.  my other option is to find a used xtra-10 or 12 suspension if they will fit.  would replacing my shocks and also the springs help.  or would it just be easier to replace the entire suspension. how much would an xtra suspension cost estimate and would i need a mounting kit. also what id like to know what kind of suspension i have now if thats possible? thx

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Specifications for 95 indy 500 : Your suspension is what they call an Xc-100 . I had a 94 the suspension is crap on them compared to the new stuff . Stepped up to Xtra 12 , what a difference !

Adjustable Bars       Standard
Alternator Output    12V 200W
BackRest   Optional
Bore   72 x 60
Brake Type    Hydraulic Disc
Carbide   Standard
Carbuertion   2-VM38SS Slide
Dry Weight    475 Pounds
Electric Fuel    Optional
Electric Start    Optional
Engine    488 Liquid Cooled Twin
EZThrottle System   Optional
Front Bumper    Standard
Front Shocks    Nitrogen Cell, Cam Adjust
Front Suspension   IFS
Front Suspension Travel    8 Inches
Fuel Capacity  10.7 Gallons
Handwarmers   Standard
Headligh   2-37.5/60 Halogen
Height    40 Inches
Hi Beam   Standard
Hi Temp   Standard
Ignition    CDI
Length    107 Inches
Low Oil     Standard
Lubrication    Oil Injection
Mirrors    Optional
Rear Shocks    Nitrogen Cell, Hydraulic
Rear Suspension     Xc-100
Rear Suspension Travel     8 Inches
Reverse    Optional
Sk iCenter     40 Inches
Skid Plate   Optional
Speedometer   Standard
Storage Rack   Optional
Tachometer    Standard
Thumbwarmers   Standard
Torsion Bar   Standard
Tow   Optional
Track Width   15 x 121
Width     45.5 Inches

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The 95 suspensions are junk. They don't break, they just don't work. If you plan on keeping the sled for a while, and have the extra beans, replace the suspension.

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Hey Polaris 500.  I don't know how much you paid for the sled but I don't think it would be very wise to put a lot of money in it. If you really wanted to get a good ride you could buy an M-10 from Fast in Evleth Mn. complete for about $1,500.00 but you would have to install it yourself or pay someone a few hundred to do it for you.

I have an Extra 12 that I took out of my 97 Ultra Touring when I put the M-10 in that. I would sell the 12 and You could use your slide rails and these shocks, springs scissors etc. and convert that suspension.

I'm in ILL near Chicago. If you are interested let me know.-

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As Sled-head suggested, make sure there is grease where it belongs. Also, check the shocks you have. If there is corrosion on the shafts that could prevent or restrict there movement. That might be corrected, at least temporarily, by polishing them with 400 grit paper. It is also possible that they are just shot and need replacement. You may need to remove the suspension and check them out. For that matter it would probably be a good idea on a machine of that age regardless whgat you discover.
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