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Belt Slipping Due To Secondary?

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I want to set the spring tension higher in my secondary to stop belt slippage and reduce clutch heat. right now it is at 16.5 pounds and that is the factory setting. I am thinking of setting it in the low 20's. This should reduce slippage and improve backshifting. Does anyone know if doing this will have any other affects on anything else (full rev out, shift out, engagement)
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No one has tried this????!!!
You can tighten up the secondary spring to B-6 that is approx 20.5lbs, the tighter sec will raise your rpm, adjust the clicker to get the rpm back down where is you want it.
Try it see how it works.
Thanks, I will try that for sure. you wouldn't happen to know if it will affect anything else noticeably?. (shift speed, responsiveness)
It will make it feel more resonsive and improve the back shift.
Its like a poor mans clutch kit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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