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Bendix Zenith Carburetor ID Number (SOLVED)

Hi, started a carburetor rebuild and looking to replace couple missing parts, but am having trouble identifying the model number.
heres what i'm 100% on; Bendix Zenith 113557.
theres another set of stamps that we're severely corrupted, with some light sanding this is the best i can come up with.
?? 132 172662 ??.
Its a 1969 Evinrude Skeeter E 2096
motor plate - 215-E spec no. 161108
heres the pic.
Thank you for your help.

I don't have any problem stamping or cutting the gaskets and washers, my main concern is replacing the

#02 SEAL, Throttle shaft and (guessing this is a rubber o-ring)
#03 RETAINER, Shaft seal (guessing this is a thin metal or plastic sleeve)

they were absent when i tore it apart, and the needles look new(er) so i'm guessing a rebuild was done and these 2 parts were forgotten.
while i'm on topic will anyone please share the correct bowl gap with me
Thank you for your help.

(UPDATE) Turns out the seal and retainer (#02 and #03) were there, just gunked over,

The Service Manual states the float bowl should be parallel with the top of the bowl rim (@closed position)

And biggest news is the Zenith part number for this "obsolete" carburetor is 013369.

more importantly the rebuild kit number is kit K2205. it has everything in it except the jet needle assy. (the long needle).

VE Petersen; Walbridge, OH phone 800-537-6212 isa distributor for zenith and has them for 26 bucks.

I contacted zenith directly and their rep sent me the #'s along with a schematic (Awesome!)

you can follow my progress here

bank you berry buch:)


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