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Hello Ski-doo'ers,

I have a '73 Olympique that I just finished restoring, it is a model 3105 also know as a 400(1)E. When I acquired this sled last year she was it tough shape, other than a strong sounding motor she wasn’t much to look at. I have spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours getting her to its current condition as you see before you.

The restoration process includes the following:

The sled was completed stripped of every last nut and bolt and the chassis, bogie assemblies and other small parts where sandblasted of all surface rust and scale. These parts where then primered and repainted.

New front and rear axle sprockets, bogie wheels, grease seals, axle bearing and track were installed underneath. Motor was cleaned, compression tested (130-140’s both cylinders); new NGK plugs, plug wires and a coil were installed. Since motor ran strong, no changes were made to the magneto, points or condessor.

A good used undamaged OEM gas tank was installed, along with new fuel lines. Carburetor was cleaned and rebuilt. This Tillotson HR134A model carburetor features a fixed high speed jet, therefore, only low speed was adjusted accordingly and seems to be right on the money.

Double chain was in excellent condition as were the adjusters, chain case fluid replaced with new. Although, it could use a new brake cable, the proper one could not be found, so the existing one was reused. It shows signs of wear with some cracking to the outer casing, but does work properly. A new brake pad was installed.

Hood was stripped of all parts and the hood vent accent area was repainted black. New correct reproduction decals were installed on the hood and then finally machine compounded and polished. New headlight and taillight bulbs installed. New windshield with fabricated hold down tabs was also installed.

New plywood seat base was made and painted for protection; likewise, a new seat and back rest cover were fabricated using good quality cold crack vinyl. Custom rubber trunk liner was installed to protect plywood support. Rubber footboard protectors have been made but not yet permanent installed.

All chrome trim was cleaned and polished and is in very good condition for its age. There is some minor scratches and light pitting here and there. Although replating of all chrome pieces would have been preferred, it was going to be too costly.

Electric start works perfectly, however, battery is NOT included (sorry not mine). However, original battery hold down bracket and bolts are present. Although this sled has a good working ignition switch and key, it doesn’t appear to have the right internal tumbler assembly inside, as the key is not removable in the off position.

Adjustments to track, belt, carburetor, steering, have been made but might require some minor readjustments.

A 200+ page Ski-doo repair, service and maintenance manual will be included in the sale.

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, the only part this sled seems to be missing is the carburetor door latch assembly. A temporary latch has been fabricated and installed to keep the door closed.

Many pictures and a running video can be found at the included website.

Paint, track, bogie wheels, axle sprockets, axle grease seals, axle bearing, windshield, decal set, seat base, seat covers, plugs, wires, coil, headlight and taillight bulbs, brake pad, chain fluid, carburetor kit.

I can be reached through this website or directly at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest.


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Nice looking sled, looks like a well done restoration. Those old sleds bring back many memories..........too bad most of them involve sore backs.
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