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Best Snowmobile Dvd's

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Hello I am new to this site.

I live in Hakuba (outside of US & Canada), which is a ski resort in Japan, its where they held the 1998 Winter Olympics and the mobiling here is pretty dam good with lots of powder and steep mountain climbs. I have a 2005 RX 1 and am updating next season to an Apex 2008 MTX SE 159 long. Anyway now is March and soon it will be April and then the season will be over, to keep my interest peaked over the non snow months I want to get 5 of the best snowmobile DVD's.. My question is with so many on the market these days which are the best ones to get? If anyone could offer some advice it would be much appreciated.

Jason Jansen


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i have allways liked the mountain mod mania dvd`s . lots of powder and hillclimbing !
Welcome to to site Jason great people here they will keep you interest....a tell you about some good sled moves....enjoy

Rick :D
the sledneck video's are good for the big air and tricks and such. i also enjoy the thunderstruck video's as they have some sick hill climbing in them.
One of my favs is Two-Stroke Cold Smoke III. Great soundtrack and great action.
slednecks 8 hands down, i cant get enough of that dvd, now if people wanna know what us snowmobilers do in the off season they will know, we watch dvds about snowmobiling lol
My Faves are Roops of Hazard 6 (Belt Pirates) and 7 (A Winter in Stewart) and Braap 4,5, & 6
Love the Pow and Back country riding.
Welcome to SnowmobileWorld
Slednecks all the way
2 Stroke Cold Smoke
I like videos that have a bit of everything in it. I think that every video that has sleds in it is worth buying w00t w00t w00t
sledporn 4 play
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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