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Big Bore

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I was offered a 757 big bore for my 05 F7. I was told it would cost me $1800 canadian on top of my F7. That is installed and ready to go. Is that a good deal or can i find a better deal than that some where else?
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I'd say thats a good deal. The cheapest i've seen new big bore kits in that 757 or 800 range is 1800 US. I know the ccs of the D&D kits is smaller then most but they seem to pull almost as much power out of it as the 800s.
Thats a good deal on that motor. I just spent a week tuning in an 800 that i put together the last month, and it cost me close to 1600 just to have cylinders bored, reniked, 2 speedwerx pistons and head cut, i welded my own crank and did my own porting and assembly. Does it come with a pipe and boondocker, that is about another 1000 you will have to spend. I personally think that the 757 is better than the full 800 because it leaves a little more meat on the cylinders and also has better heat transfer. If I had time to do it again I would do the 757 instead.
The guy told me my pipe and MBRP can will work for the 757.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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