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Black magic reed spacers need help!

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I got them at the same time I got my reeds. But they did not come with instructions. I just dont know what order they go on? Is it

          1.reed spacers (closes to the block)
          3.carb boots


          1.reeds (closes to the block)
          2.reed spacers
          3.carb boots

    So what way is it guys or would it matter any info would be great?
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I have BM reed spacers they work pretty good you will be happy.  The correct order is
1. block
2. spacer
3. boot

They are pretty easy to install.  The only problem I had is it is harder to get the airbox in now that the carbs are back farther.
Yes but are they before or after the reeds?
I would "guess" that the reeds go behind the spacer, but you should just call/email BM to find out for sure.  You would find out faster if you just gave them a call....
Sorry 97zrt800 I just noticed that my thoughts didn't make it to the keyboard.  The order should be.
1. Engine
2. Reed block spacer
3. Reed
4. Carb boot
Thanks guys this board is the best!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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