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I got to trade with a Polaris Pro-X 600 this weekend. I have a Blade Striker 700 (136" track with 1.25" paddles). I have been comparing against sleds with 121" tracks, and some of the comparisons would always be true with a longtrack - smoother ride, less handling.   That is the case here. The Pro X seemed pretty stiff to me, and I really felt the bumps. If I was racing for money in the twisties, I would take the Pro X - I think it would win. That said, I would need to have a Blade 1WX (121" track) for a fair fight. I would bet the Blade would handle better, but I can't say for sure. The acceleration was like night and day, but again, we have a 600 against a 700.   I guess I am getting old and just don't want to get beat up. I put 200 miles in one day yesterday, part of it on some pretty rough trails. For high-milers, I like the long track.   Don't get me wrong, I love flying through the turns, but the Blade will not be far behind at all. I was hoping that the Blade longtrack could compete with a regular short track in the turns. Its not bad, and not too far behind, but isn't quite as quick to turn.   The Pro X rider was impressed with the Blade.

I also got some riding time to compare to my MXZ 500. Again the Blade is smoother, but the MXZ handles a tad better.

Ditto for the Viper.  One Viper rider thought the Blade was light in the skis on the turns.  I am planning on tightening the limiter strap and trying that.  The other Viper rider did not seem that impressed.

I am hoping to trade sometime with a ZR to compare.  

I may compare to some longtracks.  Like a Renegade.  I do have a Grand Touring 600 (ZX chassis - M10 suspension, 1.25" lugs - HPG shocks in front - USI Skis).  I like that sled, but the 110 lbs heavier is  so evident in the accelration and turning.  Again, a 600 against a 700, but the acceleration is not anywhere close.  The ride is nice on the GT, but the Blade is better.

I read the acticle in Snow Goer about the riding style on the new Ski Doo REV. Since the setup is very Blade like I decided to try to lean forward while turning. This definately improved the handling. It definately takes a while to get used to the Blade. One thing for sure, the acceleration is awesome due to the power to weight ratio. The more I ride it the more I like it.
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