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I was wondering what you are riding with in the terms of your boots of choice?  I am looking for the best of breed type boot that is lightweight, durable and most of all warm.  I am a recreational rider so I don't need one for any competitions, etc…  Let the postings begin - Brazoo
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We all ride with Baffin altimates.  I now have over 40000kms on mine and they are still holding up strong.  My feet are the one thing that have never been cold.
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I ride with LaCrosse boots, Very warm, I don't think my feet have ever gotten cold, I've had them now for 4 seasons. I've ridden in as cold as -15f.
Baffins are the way to go unless you are a stunt rider.they would be too heavy.They are the most comfortable boots i have ever worn.Keep your feet warm even at -35 one pair of white sport socks toasty toes from these babies!! But they are a little heavy when swimming:D  
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I just looked up Baffin on the web, nice looking boots.  I use Ranger pack boots or "bunny" boots(US military issue).  Thier nice if you get them wet because they have no liners.  You just dump out the water and put on fresh socks!  Then try and forget the stupid thing you just did to get them wet!
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I use Sorel's. Very warm but a little on the heavy side
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I just bought Burton Freestyle snowboard boots. First ride yesterday. O degrees F. But my feet stayed warm. Pretty stiff but they did start to loosen up after 80 miles. Lightweight  and they sure lock into the footwells. Time will tell I guess.
Lady K, what kind of baffins do you have?

I went to their website and it is pretty detailed except there was no price.  I will need to look at where I can get them retail since it does not appear to sell direct.

Keep the posts coming - Thanks Brazoo
I bought some Trukk boots this year.  They are AWSOME!  They are warm, they are comfy, they are tall, stylish, and have awesome traction!  I can't say enough good things about these boots!  I recommend them over any other brand.  IMO
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Brazoo I have altimate Baffins and I bought them at the supertrax show for $120 canuckbucks no tax.My uncle bought his at the local doo dealer.These are the best boots I would highly recomend getting some.
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Sorel Glacier edition. Very warm...just a pain to walk in. Good for sledding and icefishing.
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Got a pair of Trukk boots this year.  Great........
Thanks LadyK.  I called a few distributors and what I found was that they had the Impact Baffins but not the Altimate ones.  Sees hard to find south of the border.

I am sure they are close enough.
I've got Sorel Skagways with steel toes and shanks (need them for work). I wear one pair of white sport socks and have never had cold feet yet. Been ice fishing with them in -35C and toasty warm. They are a little heavy but when your sitting on a sled who cares, as long as your feet are warm.
I like getting the hunting boots.  With gortex and thinsulate.  They come in all types of temp ranges.  They are light weight, Very warm, Water proof,  and not wide and bulky.  

They are not as warm as the sorrels i know that but they are warm enough.  

Once the engine warms up my feet start to burn because of the brake and exhaust heat comming out of the foot rests.
I have a set of R.U. Outside Bridger Boot 4's. I have no complaints. They are light, comfortable (have removable liners so they dry fast), warm and have two buckles so they are easy and fast to put on and off.
I wear Koffman military boots.  Excellent boot for extreme temperatures (like up here in the Northwest Territories).  They are double lined with a wool sock, and are rated for  minus 110F.  Light and comfortable.

I been wearing this type of boot for 12 years, and won't choose another.

not sure if this would be ideal for warmer climate.

Trukke, best pair of boots I ever had.I have them now for four years and just bought a new pair of has been said can't say enough about these boots.
I have sorels, they are a bit bulky but i have never gotten cold with them.
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