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Brake fluid change

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I don't know haow many of you change your brake fluid, but I was a little hesitant to do so until I saw my friends. I kept telling him that I didn't think it was neccessary because of it being a sealed system etc. I thought he was being overly anal. Boy was I wrong. Once we started bleeding off some of the fluid and got to the bottom of the master cyl. I realized it was neccessary. There was all kinds of crap in there and both sleds are only one and two yrs old.  Just a little info.
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And good advice that is! I will have to check mine out. Thanks rfmckee !!
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I was surprised to see that Arctic Cat recommends changing the the fluid every 1000 miles. I've driven my last previous machine (Polaris) 14,000+ miles and never changed it. I've never changed it in cars either. It does makes sense to do it, however, since brake fluid is hydroscopic hence the advice about adding fluid only from a sealed container.
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