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Breaking Down At Desent Rpm

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i have my 580 ext efi. we put a new pistion and head on it, now it is breaking down one plug was cold other was hot and we tryed a diffrent coil we had the same problem with engine codes flasing on the computer...could it be a cdi box i realy need help... i am alll out of ideas
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Check the spark plug terminal, believe it's a 5k ohm on that model.
you could have a fuel problem,,, pull your plugs and check for spark first. if you have spark on both, you have a fuel problem. could be as simple as an injector plugged up, could also be an injector bad. if you do not have spark on both sides, I would check continuity of your plug wires,,, you could have a broken down plug wire. if you have a buddy with the same kind of sled you could always swap his coil, wires, and plug caps for yours to see if the problem goes away,,,, good luck with it,,,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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