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Broke Back..

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Hey all, just want everyone to be hubby broke his back yesterday jumping a very small cornice... He will be ok but it was really scary.. thank God for other snowmobilers.. we had lots of help..
I wll be off here for a while.. but ride safe
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Ouch ! Very Very sorry to hear that ! I'm certainly relieved to hear he will be ok. All our best to him for a fast recovery.

Very sorry to hear about your hubby hope he gets well soon. :thumbsup:
OUCH that had to hurt. Sorry to hear about your husbands back. May God grant him a speedy recovery. GET WELL SOON.
Godspeed on the recovery and let it be a lesson there are dangerous object lurking beneath that beautiful sea of white.
i feel bad for him as i have been really lucky not to have had an injury so far.get well soon.......


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Wow that's bad news, hope he has a quick recovery.

Here's wishing for a speedy and full recovery!
Sorry to hear that. My brother went threw the same thing 5 years ago. He was on a dirt bike though. The first couple of weeks are pretty tough but after that it starts to get better pretty quick. Hope everything goes smoothly.

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