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A recent glitch in our previous server has wiped out the old avatar database that was used in the forums. We were able to save some of the uploaded avatars before the system wiped them out, which we have uploaded to the new server.

If you are currently experiencing a broken avatar, try these steps in the following order:

1. Go to your forum control panel > personal info > avatar options   and scroll down to the "your avatar" area. Where you see the url for the uploaded avatar such as,
try adding the -s2 suffix to the url after the 'd' in snowmobileworld. For example: the new url should read

If your avatar works again then we were able to save it before it got wiped out.

2. If it still doesn't work, you'll need to upload it again to the new server. Instructions on uploading avatars and the url to the upload program is a pinned topic in the Forum Questions/Problems forum.

Sorry for the inconvienence...
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