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Hey guys. I ride a 2002 Renegade800 and need a little bit of insight. I hear all the terms associated with setting up the suspension over and over but for some reason have not exactly understood the whole coupling thing.

Tell me if I am on track: I wanted to have the rear suspension bottom out less so I added 2 clicks to the rear spring and two notches on the center shock. I also added 2 notches to the front skis for a bit less bottoming out on front end landings.

What I don't seem to get is how can the rear suspension be changes just by moving the little rubber stoppers? What exactly does it affect by adding or removing 3/8" in front or in back of the block??? Plus what does pivoting the block do?? What exactly is coupling?? I just can't see how it can effect transfer?? (need a coupling 101 coarse)  
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