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does anyone think it possible to order the front shocks of the 2002 sno pro since the sping only sno pro edition sled got really cheap and doesnt even have resevoir shocks in the front?or clickers in the was a big dissapointment, now i have to get different front shocks.. does anyone think i could order the shocks off the 2002 sno pro or even the shocks off the 2002 cross country edition sled? could they go on the new chassis though? i know the sno pro shocks could since they have the same chassis, but would you be able to buy them?

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Are you sure that the spring order firecats don't come with them?  I was looking in there(cat website)last night and though it gave you the option of the sno-pro chassi and shocks with that new 13" track, or the or the regular chassi with clickers, reseviors and a 15" track...

I will go double check real quick.

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2022 XCR 850, 2017 Sidewinder RTX
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These are the specs for the spring order F7 with the sno-pro chassi.  It does come with the resevior shocks.....

Displacement (cc), cooling and cylinders
 698, liquid, twin

Estimated horsepower

 oil injection


 46 mm throttle body batteryless EFI

 APV with tuned pipe and canister

 Arctic (rpm sensing)

Driven clutch
 Arctic (roller cam)

Ski stance (in.)

Ski material

Front suspension
 AWS VI double-wishbone A-arms with remote-reservoir shocks, adjustable preload springs and sway bar

Front travel (in.)

Rear suspension
 Our stiffest, high-performance suspension inspired by our race sleds with remote-reservoir shocks

Rear travel (in.)

Track width x length x lug (in.)
 13.5 x 128 x 1.375

 hydraulic disc

Fuel capacity (gal.)

Length x width (in.)
 118 x 48

Estimated dry weight (lbs.)

 dual halogen (4-bulb)

Standard equipment
 digital/analog tachometer, speedometer, trip odometer, mechanical gas gauge, low oil light, coolant overheat light, spark plug holder, belt holder

Optional equipment
 mirrors, high windshield, tether switch



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This stuff that they tell you that you can get early order usually doesn't mean very much.If you read the fine print,they have the right to change anything that they want.So you never really know what you're going to get untill your dealer pulls it out the crate.

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If it has remote res shocks it does not mean clickers as that is what cat did to the cross country for 02 on the front,But I beleive carver perf out of St hialare Mn can convert the remotes to clickers for you.And if you are a racer you might beable to get AC salvage to revalve them for you for little cost.I watched them do 2 shocks in about 10 min.

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I was told by an Arctic Cat Rep. at the Gaylord show that the Sno-Pro option would not have Res. shocks on the front suspension.
I'm with you, I think they cheaped out on the Sno-Pro option.  I ordered the standard sled and will add different shocks if I think they are needed.  If you change your front shocks you will have to order ones designed for the Sno-Pro or FireCat, the shocks on a AWS-V sled are not long enough for the FireCat.
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