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hum. I'm kinda the other way around. I thought it was ugly on paper, but i saw one on the show room floor and kinda liked it. But the black/green is defenitly better.  From what i have seen about the ss, it looks sweet. Something i think i would get for Michigan trails if i could afford it.
im with u on this. i think a cat should have green in it . it looks good but i would be changing the decalls to something with green in it

The SS looks sweet, technology wise.  On paper, the "orange" sled looked great, but in person, all I can say is YUCK.  Now, the black "SS" with the green decals looks sweet, gonna order one in March if they still have the same color scheme.... anybody wanna by a 1999 ZL500 Carb?
I picked up my ZL 800 SS a few weeks ago. I rode a early release 600 Molten last March just didn't like the color, ordered black. But I was not crazy about the gray belly pan/side panels so I changed them to black @ $110 for both.
I'm with you Jim.  I wasn't sure when I saw pictures, but in person it's way better. You know, it would look real nice behind an Orange Chevy Avalanche! Too bad I don't have money for either.
Hmm.  It would seem that my post disappeared from yet another thread.  :angry:
Hmmm. That is weird Jim. I replied to it and it's gone.
Hmm.  It would seem that my post disappeared from yet another thread.  :angry:[/b]
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Sorry....  :(
I thought the black looked great(my first Cat-I switched from Polaris) and didn't love the green, so ordered the Cross Country in black.  Fired up for that thing.  Not worried about the snow-we wouldn't really be riding much until Christmas anyway, so just a little later start than usual.  Have a great season, everybody!
I agree with kszrt, either do i like the grey parts.
It looks like an old sled!

No, I like green cats, thats how it is.

I think Cat needs to keep their original color schemes but change theirs graphics around.
I don't like the molten either.  A buddy just bought an 800 ss.  I saw a 600 ss in the showroom last year, yuk.  I don't really like the green ss either because I don't like the grey belly pan and the graphics are really plain.  I still might buy one, but if I did I would do what KSZRT did and change it to black belly pan.  I'm really torn though, because I want a new sled and I like the SS, but my dealer has a black CC edition and it is sweet looking.  It doesn't have any green in it, but the decals are orange and yellow.  I saw in some accessory catalogs with ZRT 600 with orange accessories, and it looked sweet.  I'm soooo torn, so many cool sleds and I don't know what to buy.
I can't believe so many hate the color.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  I love that color on any car I've seen it on, and I love it on the sled.

Don't feel bad about your choice.  I have a 02' Pantera in blk cherry (not that I had a choice), and from what I have read, people really seem to hate the color.  I love the sled and have no problem with the color.  So who cares, drove by a house yesterday that was the color of bright banana cream pie...can't believe anyone would choose such hideous color.  Sooo to each their own.
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I to thought the molton looked better in the brochuere, than in real life,  went with the black/green ss,  only have a little over a 100 miles on it, some alfalfa field running, and ditchs, and some lake riding, however this machine IS the BEST riding sled i have ever ridden!!  Also installed a grip'n ripe risor and vibration dampner, waiting for snow to ride and try it out,,,
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Don't feel bad about your choice[/b][/quote]Oh, I don't.

I don't really care whether others like it or not... they aren't making my payments!

HP, I took mine on the trails for the first time today.  Overall I'd say that so far I'm somewhat disappointed.  I bottomed the back out HARD, and the bumps weren't real big.  Maybe it's the track slapping the tunnel, I don't know.  The sled sits so low when I'm on it that the mud flap sits into the snow.  I think I'm gonna have to adjust the rear to make it a LOT stiffer.  The front's a little too soft for my liking too.  I can't seem to keep both skis on the snow through corners.
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