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Cat Efi / Stator?

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I have just picked up a 96 Pantera 580 EFI Sled with 4400 miles. It is fouling plugs, running rich (if possible on EFI) and backfireing on old plugs only. New plugs still get fouled but don't backfire. Sled idles fine and you can rev it up by pumping the throttle. It seems to run good up to half throttle. After that it bogs and drops RPM and speed. I have not owed EFI befre so am not sure if this is an EFI problem or not. Any help woudl be appreciated.


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Check here:

Read the top pinned threads on the kill switch (actually it's the throttle safety switch most likely is your problem.) If that doesnt' get you going, stator diagnostics testing is covered in the stator thread also pinned at the top.
CHECK ALL THE GROUNDS, found 3 bad ones on my brother inlaws sled causeing much the same thing. AND WOW THE BACK FIRES NOW AND THEN
Ok I know whats happening with your sled had a few in that year span..that did the same thing right out of the crate
What you have is a bad fuel injector clogged most likely or varnished up
Whats happening is your not getting the fuel that it needs to run properly and the excess oil is fouling your plugs
When this happens what I did was remove the fuel rail and remove the injectors and soak them in mineral spirits over night (MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE ORINGS)
Let them set over night
Put it all back together should cure the problem
But before you remove the injectors check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure guage just to make sure its not a fuel pump or filter problem

By what I see from your description I doubt its a stator problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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