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Check Your Airboxes!

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It was sitting for a while, luckily i took it off before i started the engine

big ol' mouse nest

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Been there seen that
Those little critters get into every thing, now when I store my Lawn tractor, Motorbike and sleds, I use steal wool ( bulldog) to block all air breather holes. I never thought of the muffler thought and they filled my Lawn Tractor's full of soy bean seeds.

:lmao: yeah, we sprayed compressed air through it and stuff kept on coming out, so were like OK, were taking it apart. Thats what we found. There was also mouse turds in the exhaust manifold.
We had a old Kawasaki 3 wheeler exhaust laying around, i ended up dumping a lot of dog food out of it.
Yea if you have fan cooled sleds check between the cylinders every season... 2 years ago my brother took our 98 xcf 440 on a decent 75-100 mile trip and on the way back he knew that something was definately wrong then it died... we hauled it back to my house tore it apart and there was a huge mouse nest between the cylinders and corn kernels were stuff in there... yea there was no piston left on that side... it wasnt too cool.
The airbox on my blizzard eats mice for lunch. they crawl through the tube and fall down inside and starve. :devil:



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:lol: How did you know it was in there?
Be carefull when cleaning this mess up! A friend of mine got seriously ill after cleaning the mouse crap out of a vintage sled he was cleaning up.

Check out this website for more info on Hantaviruses.

I had nest in both my sleds under the carbs, BIG nests. Thing was, they carried the insulation from a loft, down the bare studs, into the sleds. This season Moth balls, lots of them to keep them out. I stuff a tennis ball in the exhaust. I have from the start.
looks like the HV is just in Canada. Well im still here so it must not have hurt me.
I have a friends old Exciter here to get ti cleaned up right now. It hadn't been run in a few years, so the first thing I did was pull the air box. It was stuffed clear to the top with corn. He had a bag of feed corn right next to it.
:lmao: wow, thats not a smart thing
I use lots of moth balls and try not to keep any thing around them that can be used for nests too.
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