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hi, my xheetah 340 has been acting up(The vaporlock post yesterday) well today i changed the carb over. I took the belt off and tryed running it well heres what happened

it started up and ran ok for a few seconds. The motor was arking just a little bit. well then it revved right up to full throttle.

I tried to shut it down didnt shut down! disconnected the plug wires AND IT STILL RAN! WTF?

it was running the same way with the old carb. I think the seals are good, and it has 130 lbs of compression. I dn whats going on with this thing.

The sled always had a bog down low, and a misfire when it idled but this arcing thing just starting to happen.

Stator Coil Wires?

Wires looked ok, couldnt see anything major.
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