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Chromed Billet Wheels - Major Bling!

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I don't think you can get anymore bling than these..... we made up 11 wheels in our Tribal design for the Custom Sled Shop here in Newmarket, and they took them and had them chromed....they are going on a 06 Apex that is being customized major.....

Anyways, we got them back today to install the rubber and they looked so good I had to post some pics.....but the pictures do not do them justice.


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think your site is down.. went to check out pricing and it wouldnt load
They look absolutely awesome! Great work![/b]
I agree. I might have to get some of those.
Thanks guys.... it was one of our customer's that got them chromed, I have the name of the guy that chromed them and I am trying to get a price from him.

I agree they look awesome Brian.

What would be the advantage of chrome plating as opposed to polishing the aluminum?

Just curious.

BTW, I saw John's work on that sled after it was done.

The OCC of the sled world.

I'll be coming to see you sometime in the summer.

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Polished aluminum doesn't survive the elements very well, it's great for show cars that never see rain.
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