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I am a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Snowmobile Assoc and attended the membership meeting in October. At the meeting we were updated on the progress of the new groomer barn and club house. With a few set backs at the beginning of construction, the barn and club house now have a cement floor, with wall and ceiling insulation complete in the groomer barn.. In-floor heating was installed and a donated boiler will be hooked up at club expence. Even though not totally complete, we were told it will be used this winter for groomer storage and maintenance..
As usual, the club is always looking for volunteers and as usual the same people always volunteer. The club is always looking for new people and talent to get involved, which may not be possible with the busy schedules of many of us. So, the club is looking for donations to finish up the groomer barn and club house.You might have these extra items in your garage or may know someone who can donated things to the club.
Here's a list...maybe you can help??
2 outside entry doors 36 in, 3 inside entry doors 36 in, 2 bathroom light fixtures ceiling type,1 boiler-ulitity room light fixtures
2 toilets- sinks, light timers, dry wall...or tongue and groove paneling, steel wall paneling, tables and chairs, desk, shop vac, step ladder 8 and 12 foot, power washer, hand tools, welder, tool box, vice, riding lawn mower, brooms, mops, counter tops, kitchen cupboards, work bench, and even the kitchen sink or just money .The club is a 501-c4 organization, in which all donations are tax deductible.
There may be more items needed , but if you can help or think of other things please contact Sault Ste Marie Snowmobile Assoc. president Kevin Robinson e-mail him at [email protected] or P.O. Box 877 Sault Ste Marie, Mi. 49783
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